Thread: changing the size of the command prompt in c++

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    changing the size of the command prompt in c++

    Is there a function in c++ that lets you change or increase the size of the window when a program is running (like in windows 95 where there's no way to scroll down if the output goes over 20 lines)?

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    I think you can use
    mode /rows=50 /cols=90
    but I can't remember. Use mode /? to see all the possible arguments.

    (like in windows 95 where there's no way to scroll down if the output goes over 20 lines)
    Actually, it's 25.

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    No there isn't. mode isn't a C\C++ command, it's a DOS command. Anyway you could use a C command System(char *string); to issue a DOS command which would change the size of a console window, without the user interference.
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    or you could use some of the win32 api console functions, such as GetConsoleWindow() to get the handle to the window, then change its size as a normal window. you have to include windows.h.

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