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    Web Cam Windows


    I am wanting to create a program that i can have 4 mini screens on one main screen that will show live web came footage. the web cams are accessable via a link.

    i will be using Borland Builder to do this on.

    i have been told that there is a function you can use to connect to the internet but i am unsure.

    can anyone help me with this?


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    i know this is a late reply but that link did not help me

    all it is, is a web address that i want to display in a window because it is a web address to view the camera

    can anyone help?

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    If you want to write your own application, then you need to either write the guts of the display code yourself, or use someones prebuilt library. There isnt a windows API command that automatically displays a webpage in a window. There may be a dialog box or some MFC control that will do that, but you will have to check MSDN. If you know the information type that the web server is streaming to you you can decode it and display it in 4 child windows using an MDI application skeleton, but you will need a codec library for the type of stream.

    There might also be a directshow filter that accepts a URL as the input source, in fact im almost positive there is. You will still need to write the display code though.

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