Normally, I include windows.h since I am 'trying' to program a windows application. I have been using DirectX the last few days and I just got things working to where I could draw a triangle on the screen. At one point, I messed something up so I had to backtrack quite a few steps using Ctrl + z, and now when I try to compile, I get a whole whack of errors that stem from winnt.h, which is not even a part of my project. I restarted the project, copied windows.h to a different directory, and now I have the same problem. In the winnt.h file, two lines said:

typedef void *PVOID;
typedef void *POINTER_64 PVOID64;
I searched POINTER_64 and it was not found in the entire file, so I removed it so that the line now says:
typedef void *PVOID64;
And now my program doesn't complain when I compile. However, I do not understand why this happened in the first place, and what the importance of those declarations are. I am using Windows XP as my OS so I don't see why the program is trying to read a winnt include. I cannot find in any options in the project a way to 'ignore' include files (like you can with libraries); is there a way I can explicitly exclude winnt.h from the project? *sigh* Seems like every time I get one thing working 2 more things go wrong.