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    Message Boxes

    I am having trouble getting a MessageBox to compile in my program. My code looks like this:
                         "this is string 1"
                         "this is string 2", MB_OK);
    I understand that parameter 1 is the window handle, and that parameters 2 and 3 are strings to display in the title bar and the body of the message box. When I try to compile, I will get a message "cannot convert constant char [#] to LPCWSTR". I try to use pointers to string objects or to char* arrays and I get "string undeclared identifier" or "cannot convert LPCWSTR to char__*64" (something like that, anyhow). I really hope this is something stupid that I am missing because message boxes will really help me out a lot. Thanks.

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                         L"this is string 1",
                         L"this is string 2", MB_OK);

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    Sounds that you are using VS can also remove the unicode type in your project settings. Search the forums, there are similar topics.
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    Compiling as non-Unicode is an option, but making your program Unicode-compatible is a better one.

    TEXT("this is string 1")
    All the buzzt!

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    Unicode......*scratches head* Don't know anything about that yet. *

    So far, using
    MessageBox(hWnd,TEXT("string 1"),L"string 2",MB_OK);
    either method that you guys presented works. The problem is now, I cannot get any function that requires a string argument to accept a variable; all string arguments must be inserted explicitly. It works BUT it is a pain in the neck. I am also programming with DirectX so being able to use filenames in variables would be handy. I tried using reinterpret_cast or LPWSTR("string") but that turns it into gibberish. Thanks for your help so far.

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    variable should be TCHAR* not char*
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