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    Info on specific process

    Whats up guys, I was reading this tutorial
    and it helped me A LOT but I wondering how can you modify the code so it will only show information on specific process, lets say NotePad.exe, because all I want is to know notepad PID.

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    My function for that:
    DWORD GetProcessByFileName(char* name){
        DWORD process_id_array[1024];
        DWORD bytes_returned;
        DWORD num_processes;
        HANDLE hProcess;
        char image_name[256];
        char buffer[256];
        DWORD exitcode;
        EnumProcesses(process_id_array, 256*sizeof(DWORD), &bytes_returned);
        num_processes = bytes_returned/sizeof(DWORD);
        for(int i=0;i<num_processes;i++){
                    return process_id_array[i];
        return 0;
    It only fails if you have over 256 processes running which I doubt you have.
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    Thanks a lot, but I read your code many times and could not figure it out, where do I put the name of the process I want to find? is it GetProcessByFileName(char* name) I replace the name by my process?

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    You'r responce doesn't make much sence, maybe this will help.
    DWORD dwPID = GetProcessByFileName("Notepad.exe");
    dwPID is the process ID of the first program running with the file name of "Notepad.exe".

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