Thread: problem closing a window

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    problem closing a window

    I have a program with two windows. I open the second window by pressing a button. And close it using the DestroyWindow( ), I also tried PostQuitMessage(WM_QUIT ). Both of these functions result in the program crashing. When I click on the X in the top right of the window or press alt+F4 the window closes perfectly and returns to the first window.

    Q. What signal is alt+F4 sending to the window.

    p.s I am using VC++
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    >>Q. What signal is alt+F4 sending to the window.<<


    For future reference you should direct your windows questions to the windows board.
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    this may be what you are after
    Good Help Source all round
    Good help for win programmers
    you will probably find something in here
    this thing also helps

    if you have never tried any of the above then maybe you should, they help alot

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