Thread: doing stuff with mspaint

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    doing stuff with mspaint

    i am trying to get mspaint to show the 'open' dialog..

    	HWND hpaint = FindWindow("MSPaintApp",0);
    what is wrong? it works fine when i use "notepad" as the cmd line, "Notepad" as the class and 2 as the menu option id.

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    It is unlikely that Paint has enough time to load before you call FindWindow(). You probably just got "lucky" with Notepad due to its small size and simplicity.

    The proper way to go would be to use CreateProcess() (Search board for examples) followed by WaitForInputIdle(). If you want a very quick and dirty solution for testing, you could just add a Sleep(500); after the call to WinExec().

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    aha, you are correct. thanks.
    i also got "lucky" with calculator then..
    and CreateProcess() is such a behemoth of a function.
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