Thread: my first opengl program

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    my first opengl program

    Hey I have finally got to a "decent" point in my little project.
    Its only a simple .0bj loader. I need some feedback how your fps's and what you would normally get with the amout of triangles that are been rendered. So i know if the program is lacking preformance.

    Please download it form here: here

    Things I will be adding after a little feedback:
    texture support
    vertex normals, so i can use lighting properly
    dialog window with options like render mode and any other little effects or what not.

    Thanks for any feedback


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    i got ~430 fps. don't know if that's much cause no other program told me the number of triangles before. :-)

    it's a little black-and-white yet...

    HINT: animation speed is dependent on fps. i turned vertical sync on/off and the animation speed changed. if you need guidance on this see "Implementing Steady Motion" by Robert Dunlop (

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    I found a major bottleneck in the program slowing everything down which i have fixed and i am currently adding the vertex normals, so new version will use filled polys and some nice lighting .

    Thanks for your feed back and that article, will get reading it asap


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    Okay i have updated my loader so now it supports the vertex normals form the obj file. please try it again for me and see what you think. Get the new version here:


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    i got flickering when the back is shown. front is fine.

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