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    Initializing Combo Box

    Hi and thanks for reading this.

    I want to initialize a combo box.When I create the dialog, in which the box will be, I send CB_ADDSTRING to the box, but it doesn't works

    Here is the code:

    theWnd=CreateDialog(hInst,MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDD_PROB A),NULL,DlgProc);
    SendDlgItemMessage(theWnd,IDC_COMBO1,CB_ADDSTRING, 0,(LPARAM) "some text");
    ShowWindow(theWnd, SW_SHOW);

    If you can, please tell me why

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    Try sending the CB_ADDSTRING message within a WM_INITDIALOG message handler.
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    I believe you should do the following...
        HWND hCB = GetDlgItem(hDlg, IDC_COMBO1); // Get HWND of Combo Box, hDlg is handle sent to DLGPROC
        SendMessage(hCB, CB_ADDSTRING, 0, (LPARAM)"Some Text");
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