Thread: Cant compile using Codeblocks 10.05

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    Unhappy Cant compile using Codeblocks 10.05

    Hi All,

    I was using Dev-C++ under Windows Xp-SP2 and I could at the time compile some console applications and also some basic DLLs that I would call from Excel (by using VBA).

    By recommandations, I installed Codeblocks (latest version is 10.05) but after downloading it, I tried to compile the same codes that I would use with Dev-C++, and the would compile. The problem is now that my console application crashes and my DLL under Excel is not working (it returns #VALUE).

    I've checked the version of MinGW (I've downloaded the latest version from MinGW - Minimalist GNU for Windows - Browse Files at, and told Codeblocks to use this version of MinGW (Settings->Compile Debuffer->Toolchain executables) and set up the directory of the compiler as 'c:\MinGW'.

    But I cannot yet compile a decent console application or DLL... :-(

    Any hint is appreciated.



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    This is what I would try:
    Uninstall all IDE's and MinGW versions currently installed (codeblocks, wxDev, Dev-C++, etc...)
    Check your PATH environment variable (run:sysdm.cpl) and remove any MinGW/IDE paths that are still there.
    Install only one IDE+MinGW package (ie. codeblocks-10.05mingw-setup.exe).


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    Ok, solved it.

    I did as you suggested. Removed every IDE and also MinGW (there was only one version of it). I did remove the calls to MinGW in the path variable. Finally reinstalled only Codeblocks with MinGW (codeblocks-10.05mingw-setup.exe) and got to compile and execute my console application just as it would do before.

    I still have some problems with my basic DLL though. But I'll try to see what's wrong. It does compile nicely but Excel reports #VALUE!



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