Thread: Spying On Windows Kernel-Mode Apps

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    Spying On Windows Kernel-Mode Apps


    I keep noticing that this computer freezes for around a second from time to time. It's most noticable when playing games and movies. As there isn't any programs running that shouldn't be, I'm of the belief that there may be an issue with the drivers the USB wi-fi adapter we have uses. (i.e. they're rubbish )

    To that end, is there any software around that will allow me to monitor the computer at a lower level, logging context switches, kernel-mode accesses, etc.?

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    this isn't exactly what you asked for, but have you checked the event log? If windows has trouble with a device it generally at least logs a warning.

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    I can't answer your question, but are you using a linksys usb wireless? I've got it too, and it does seem to suck
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    Oddly enough, when I Google the driver files I get a few Linksys hits, so maybe it's the same (this one's branded Actiontec). Does the program PRISMSVR.EXE and driver PRISMA02.SYS ring bells?

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