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    Digital camera

    hey guys, I'm looking for suggestions about digital cameras. I currently own a 3.2 megapixel Canon PowerShot SD100, but I'm looking for something more powerfull. I generally shoot pictures for a local car/racing publication and website. So, since I'm making sports pics I need a fast flash. I don't want to spend more then $800-850.

    What do you guys think?

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    Can't answer specifically, I'm in the market for a camera too. Here's a couple of sites I've found useful
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    That might be out of date by a few months, but there are still some good choices on there. If you need more info, PM basilik over there or here and she can give you more details. She's always up on that sorta thing. (Maybe I can even get her to update that one)

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    How about a canon EOS 300D.
    I have no idea how much that costs in US$ but it costs about 930.
    I haven't used it and I'm a newbie when it comes to fotography. But I think it is a very popular camera.

    also it might be good to visit specific fotoboards(or newsgroups), where proffecionels or highly qualified amateurs come and ask their opninion. I know one, but it's in dutch, so that would do you much good

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    My ears were burning i could hear Obie talking about me. Yep the link on FD needs updating (sometimes i cant keep up with all the new cameras)

    Doing sports photography with a compact camera is always going to be difficult - lenses are often not long enough, you dont have enough control over film speed, those pop up flashes are not very fast plus not overly powerful in their range. Reason why most sports photography people use SLRs...

    There is a very nice new Canon Digital SLR out called the 300D or Digital Rebel - its based on the 10D - to make it cheaper for the amateur market its made in plastic and it lacks a few features. As its an slr you will get a lot more control over your pics, the flash sync speed is 1/200th sec and if you have canon lenses they can be used on this - you can change lenses so you could have a longer, faster lens for sports/nature photography and then a wider angle lens for landscapes etc. Its also just over 6 mega pixels, it has the pop up flash but you can also put an external flash on it as well.

    Here is a review plus some specs:

    Current cost is about $899 and you can get the camera and a zoom lens for about $999 - it might be worth spending the extra $100 or so on something like this which you can then expand upon later
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