Thread: Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Standard Edition

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    Question Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Standard Edition

    hello, i just got Microsoft Visual C++, I have installed it and all, how do I turn it on at any time?

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    Click the icon?

    You say that like you currently can only turn it on sometimes, when can you turn it on? And what do you mean by turn it on? Run the program?

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    The cable company installed VC++6.0 for me, so it came with a black box that sits on top of my computer, and I have a remote that I use to turn it on.

    If you can't find the icon to click on, look here:

    C++Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\MSDev98\Bin\MSDEV.EXE
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    Your MSVC++ is BAD. I would advise you to delete it,pack up the CD's and send them to me IMMEDIATELY!!!
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    nm i found it finally, the wierd thing is it didnt install the shortcut.

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    i though i found it... lol :P anyone know where i can open the program??

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    Adriyan. Is this a joke or something?
    If you post such threads,there is a good deal of chance that people will not open your other threads.
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    i cant find it at all! im serious, everything is there but not the startup!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?

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    Obvious question, I suppose this is a legit copy of VC and not some pirate/hack?

    If it is legit, and you can't find it in the manner suggested by Salem for example, then I would suggest you have not installed it, or at least not correctly, so install it again.

    If it is a pirate, it's probably duff anyway, so forget it.
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    Moved to the Tech forum...
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    For somebody who wants to program, you seem not to know much about computers. Or maybe it's because you have been working with Linux all your life and you MOVED to windows (OH MY GOD THAT WOULD SUCK) and you panicked and said "Help! My Operating system is so stupid, and it has no structure! AHHH! Wipe this scum from my machine!". But I don't think that's the case.

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    actually the cable guy makes my eggs AND toast

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