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    Html anchor tag question.

    If you have a web page with several frames on it, is there a simple way to arrange it such that a click on an anchor tag can effect more than one frame?

    What I have is a kind of treeview type frame on one side of the screen, when I click on an item in the treeview, I want to send a new html file to the treeview frame AND replace the contents of the mainframe which occupies the majority of the rest of the screen.

    I can, of course, redraw the whole screen, but that seems a little excessive as the header and footer frames on each page would need to be drawn and these contain some images which, on a slow link, reduce the "snapiness" of the site.
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    <a href="#" onclick="Javascript:leftFrame.src='whatever.html'; rightFrame.src='another.html';">Click this link to change 2 frames</a>

    where leftFrame are the name properties of the frames. I haven't done javascript for a while, but i think that's correct.
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