Hi, I'm looking for a fairly experienced php MUD coder, as ours went AWOL - with the code, room descriptions AND server. We're pretty sure we can get 'em back, but we really need someone who will not vanish for extended periods of time and let things lapse.

I'm a world builder/RP admin, and frankly I know zip about coding aside from using the admin functions for that job. We have an (apparently simple) custom PHP code for a browser-accessed, completely text-based (no animation) RPG MUD we've already had written and tested in a very basic form. It's not telnet, but accessible directly from any browser.

What I'm offering is a 50/50 partnership, and to pay for all initial setup costs, servers and so on, in return for help with developing the rest of the code (or possibly re-coding what we have) and general maintenance as Head Development Administrator. You would not be required to deal with the players (unless you want to and have good people skills).

We estimate conservatively that our closest competitor is making decent part-time money via player bought custom pages, advertising and donations, and we'd be splitting all monies evenly after running costs. A contract to that effect is fine by me, pending demonstration of ability to work with the team, and general reliability.

We don't have a lot of competition in this style of game, and what there is of it isn't usually run well at all, or not consistently enough to survive past beta. What we do have is a solid and dedicated team of RP admin and world writers, and already have a small but dedicated player base just waiting for a world to move into, with every confidence we'll have no trouble attracting more with a better product that what's currently available. There is great potential to turn this into a thriving part-time business.

I'm looking for someone reliable and friendly who loves to spend hours wrangling with codes for mobs and quests, doesn't expect to be some kind of in-game uber-god, and will patiently put up with us non-coder world writers/creators. Happy to start small and build into something much bigger. Commitment to the project over time would be expected.

My aim is to have a completely finished and profit-turning basic product in 6-12 months. Meanwhile, it'll likely be a labour of love with a few bucks thrown in now and then.

Currently we're looking into a new server (we don't need a super large one at all) but would appreciate help doing that as well (as I said, we're not good at this technical stuff, but are happy to pay for it).

Please message me with contact info, with any expresions of interest. Any help at all would be appreciated.