Thread: how to block a socket indefinitely

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    how to block a socket indefinitely

    Hi everybody,

    When a socket is created, by default it is a blocking socket. Under blocking mode socket I/O operations, connect and accept operations all block until the operation in question is completed.
    I want to receive data periodically from a client. That is, the first time I receive data the socket is blocked in the accept function but the next time is not blocked anymore and I want that it waits for the next incoming data.
    I used the ioctlsocket function after the accept function this way:
    AcceptSocket = SOCKET_ERROR;
    		while (AcceptSocket == SOCKET_ERROR)
    			AcceptSocket = accept(socketInTCP, NULL, NULL);
                            ioctlsocket=(socketInTCP, FIONBIO, &imode);
    but I get this error message at the ioctlsocket function: 10093, and I read that is because the WSAStartup() was wrong but it isn't so.

    Can you help me
    thank you very much.

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    One way to do it would be to use select() or create a separate thread.

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    can you explain me a little bit more? I think I can use this select function to have a server with concurrent clients but I haven't this. I have a server for an iterative client.

    thank you

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    You may want to try this forum.

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