Thread: i cant get opengl to work!!

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    Exclamation i cant get opengl to work!!

    i madethe same post i the C board but somebody suggested that i post here:
    ive downloaded 3 compilers just to see if it worked but it just doesnt. the compiler keeps screwing up when it compiles the headers. the headers come with the compilers, too, cept mingw. yes, i am linking the libs correctly (or so i believe). plz help!!

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    Post your code

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    what kind of screw up? what compilers?
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    i dont know if you have tried nehe's site yet, but its a great place to learn...

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    i got to work . i had to link the glut lib.
    i dont really like the nehe site. the opengl tutorial is confusing and the code to open a window is HUGE. im using glut and it takes about 10 lines with it :P. im just a bit lazy.

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    I've tried nehe's source and it didn't compile
    I used Dev-C++ 4.0
    It throughs a compile time error
    CDS_FULLSCREEN is undefined
    in ChangeDisplaySettings(&dmScreenSettings, CDS_FULLSCREEN)
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