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    voxel based rendering

    I guess I don't understand the point of voxel rendering or how it is supposed to work. If you don't know what a voxel is, look for it on google. It's basically rendering with units that represent volume, instead of using units that represent area (pixels!). The advantage is supposed to include not needing BSPs or points versus faces, rather only having one data structure for the entire world (this doesn't make any sense to me). I personally don't see what is wrong with having BSPs, it seems to be a pretty refined thing that can be implemented without too much difficulty (some math and stuff, but even the math is shown on many web sites. The only thing difficult about BSP now is writing a BSP partitioner).

    If anyone can introduce some new ideas so this makes sense, ill be happy.

    Here are some sites that talk about voxel rendering. The first is all about voxel rendering, the second only has a short blurb about voxel rendering done by carmack (you'll have to use your browsers's search feature to find the word voxel on the second page)

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    i dont know anything about voxels but, just a comment...

    it seems like an interesting approach, the only horrible downside in my (uninformed) opinion is...

    The big current theoretical problem with multiresolution techniques is they don't support texture mapping on hierarchically-represented worlds... it's far from a solved problem to get the level of texture detail we currently find in polygon rendering systems.
    that and the shear size of things. It seems like an interesting topic though, thanx for postin those links!

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