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    problems with spaces...

    At the moment i am making a game that requires reading from file and then outputting that. At the moment I cannot output anything after the first space in a line. For example:

    char data[50];

    Here is the file:

    This is the data

    here is what the program displays:


    what can i do to fix this?

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    Try fin.getline()

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    Um... Thanx, but could you please tell me what to put IN the fin.getlin()? Becuase i looked it up and i couldnt make heads or tails of it.

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    Sorry I was not more clear. Here is the prototype for the function:

    istream& getline( char* pch, int nCount, char delim = '\n' );

    So, you might say something like this...

    fin.getline( data, 999, '\n' );

    This says, store the information from file in the field "data" , second parameter is how many characters to read in, and the last parameter is the delimiter which defaults to newline or can be used if you want to stop when a certain character is reached.
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