Thread: #include makes problems

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    #include makes problems


    #include just replaces the text within the include file with the line "#include..."
    but it seems like that when i use a command within that include file which takes use of a library, it sais "command not found" or somethin...

    when i manually replace the line with the #include command with that function, everything works well.

    any reasonable explanation?

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    #include "filename.h" essentially replaces that line with the contents of filename.h - slightly different that what you wrote. Of course, filename.h needs to exist, and the compiler must be able to find it.

    Forgive me if English is not your first language, but I really can't determine what exactly your problem is. Reword your original request, or perhaps provide code, along with how you compile/link that code, that demonstrates your problem.
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    i am including cpp files instead of h (header) files... could that be the reason for this?

    anyway: when i replace the include line with the code thats in that include file, it works well. and thats what bothers me

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    i am including cpp files instead of h (header) files... could that be the reason for this?
    Maybe. I do not think compilers actually care about the file extension of header files, but it might interfere with how an IDE builds your program and such. Generally, just choose between .h and .hpp for header files, and stick with it across your project.
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    yes. it now seems to me like it works perfect when i use the *.h header file extension.
    everything fine now!
    thanks dudes

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