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    Unhappy Template Trouble - Brainache Please Help

    I am working on replacing multiple overrides of a function within a legacy code base (all of which are virtual), with a single template signature.

    My template function is as follows:

    template <typename T1, typename T2> void fn_data_access_base::var_fld_add(T1 nam, T2 val)
        // Set the db field up
        sis_db_fld tmp_sis_db_fld( val, nam );
        assert( !selector_impl_ptr_ ||
               ( selector_impl_ptr_ &&
                 selector_impl_ptr_->fld_find( tmp_sis_db_fld ) ) );
        // Update the field
        input_fld_rpl_or_append( tmp_sis_db_fld );
    The Sun compiler complains as follows...

    "/vobs/VDPS_Dev/online/base_src/Server/fn/fndal/dabase.cpp", line 1610: Error: Overloading ambiguity between "sis_db_fld::sis_db_fld(const bool, const sis_c_str&)" and "sis_db_fld::sis_db_fld(const char, const sis_c_str&)".
    "/vobs/VDPS_Dev/online/base_src/Server/fn/fndal/fndbase.cpp", line 75:     Where: While instantiating "fn_data_access_base::var_fld_add<const char*, int>(const char*, int)".
    "/vobs/VDPS_Dev/online/base_src/Server/fn/fndal/fndbase.cpp", line 75:     Where: Instantiated from fn_data_abstract_base::var_fld_add<const char*, int>(const char*, int).
    "/vobs/VDPS_Dev/online/base_src/Server/fn/fnelog/elog.cpp", line 268:     Where: Instantiated from non-template code.
    1 Error(s) and 1 Warning(s) detected.
    *** Error code 1
    It is my understanding that the compiler ought to be able to distinguish between all native types within the template when calling the sis_db_fld constructor, thus I should not experience ambiguity.

    I have tried making the sis_db_fld constructors that match the ambiguous signatures 'explicit' but this keywork has no effect when construction is from within a template.

    I have tried retaining non template versions of var_fld_add that use the specific types identified as ambiguous. Again this does not work?

    I do not understand why it fails to do so?

    Please help. I have hit a brick wall with this one!

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    Does a sis_db_fld constructor with the signature (int, const sis_c_str &) exist? Apparently not: the compiler tries to find an alternative, but can't decide between the bool and the char variant.
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    Yes it does. However, an act of unbelievable programming is at the root of this.

    Too heavy to explain. Thanks for you help, I think I'm on to it now.

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