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    max element in vector


    is it possible to use the stl MAX_ELEMENT algorithm to find the max value in a vector of vectors.
    Say I have the following 5 x 3 matrix represented in a vec. of vec.

    1 4 5
    3 5 8
    2 9 5
    8 0 2
    3 4 7

    where each row is a vector, so we have 5 vectors within a vector.

    I want to find the MAX_ELEMENT along the 1st, 2nd or 3rd column.
    For the 1st one the result is 8, the 2nd is 9, the 3rd is 8.

    any idea?


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    Well, iterate over each column and apply max_element.

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    You'd have to define a custom iterator which iterates through each row. It would be a lot less work to just forego the max_element algorithm alltogether.
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    Not if you use a Boost iterator adaptor and a Lambda object. Then it becomes a matter of 10 minutes, if you have to look up the documentation.
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