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    Simpe question about graphic

    Well everytime you make a program and compile it it is in dos is there a way to get it to run in a cool looking windows with some graphics in it. Plz tell me a good website that has tuts on that i am really intrested in something like that. Thanks guys

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    Programming for windows is a different beast altogether - you
    will need to know how to use the windows API to be able
    to load windows, watch for mouse activity etc. One of the mods
    here runs a site that teaches some of the basics of this type of
    thing, sticking to the more familiar console style programs - check it out .

    then you'll need MSDN

    lastly, for graphics programming, you'll need either directX or
    OpenGL - for the latter try this

    Also check out the windows programming board, I'm sure they
    have a lot of good references. Be warned however, there is
    a lot of work involved in writing a program with a nice GUI
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    Another good tutorial is The Forger's Tutorial.

    Then when you feel you're ready... when you're comfortable with standard C++, get Programming Windows, by Charles Petzold.

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    DougDbug you may want to fix your link to The Forger's Tutorial.

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