Thread: ObjModLib Compiler for pragma comment.

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    ObjModLib Compiler for pragma comment.

    If anyone out there has a compiler capable of compiling code into Object Module Libraries, that can suppot the #pragma comment directive, please email me (email address in the signature). I have one that supports the directive, and one that can compile Object Module Libraries, but neiher can do both.

    Also, when does the preprocessor process? If I MAKE the code, will it process then, or only when it is COMPILEd into an executable?

    Sean Mackrory

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    If your compiler doesn't allow use of the #pragma directive then you need to get a newer or less cheap compiler. All of the most common compilers (even the free ones) allow #pragma. Of course it could very well be that you're using it wrong seeing as how #pragma is implementation dependent and behaves differently on different machines and compilers often interpret the same #pragma differently.

    This alone is a good reason not to use it because it is not portable. Its a last resort when you have tried everything else.

    The preprocessor takes effect upon compilation. It's the first phase of building to be specific.

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    The compiler that could make ObjModLib supported some of the #pragma directives, but no mention of the ones I needed to use except for startup and exit. The other compiler is just crap for making libraries. The first is Borland Turbo C++ for 3.0 for Dos, and the latter is 4.5 for Windows. The early borland compilers were crap, I like the new ones. Unfortunately, I'm a recent immigrant to the U.S., so I can't afford to get a new compiler that's decent, because I can't get a job (under 18, it's a confusing Visa thing. I'll try it out, I just wanted to be assured there was a way to do it.

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