Thread: The simpler version of two programs doesn't work......

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    The simpler version of two programs doesn't work......

    I wrote an encryption program that converted every ascii val to hex, then to decode it converted it back. just for simple encryption.... and it worked on all files, even media files. then i wrote an improved one to add 3 to every ascii val of a file, or whatever value the user specifies, and it doesn't work.... but it does work for text files, just not for media files. here's the source for both (the second one is actually commented for once....). can somebody help me figure out why the second one can't encode media files, but the first one can?

    qenc is the simple version, scrypt2 is the more complex version.

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    i know i'm asking a lot, just handing out two programs and asking what's wrong, but i'm really confused as to why one of them only partially works.

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