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    4 easy question

    1# I am using a double. When I cout out my data I want there to be two digits after the period. How do I do this? Example 2+3 = 5.00 instead of 5.

    2# When I use tabs (the ones on your keyboards) it works like regular tabs (as it would in MS word, or notepad). When you hit tab it moves the cursor to a certain location and everything you type is added and it expends to the right. How do I make it to expand to the left? (for example, tell ms word to align everything to the right, when you add text, its pushed to the left to make room.) I need this info simple to make my program look better.

    3# What is the best and easy way to erase the whole screen (so I can output the data to a clean screen).

    4# I am trying to calculate balance in a savings account... But the problem is the formulate is
    AmountInSavings = Principle * ((1 + (InterestRate/TimesCompounded)) ^ TimesCompounded)

    The problem there is the fact that you can not scare root double numbers (and InterestedRate is a fraction).

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    To your first question look up 'setprecision'.
    Use 'std::fill' for your second.
    Look in the FAQ
    I didn't know doubles could be scared!
    Favorite Quote:

    >For that reason someone invented C++.
    BLASPHEMY! Begone from my C board, you foul lover of objects, before the gods of C cast you into the void as punishment for your weakness! There is no penance for saying such things in my presence. You are henceforth excommunicated. Never return to this house, filthy heretic!

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    #include <iomanip>
    2) and 3) See here:

    If you want to keep 3) simple, you can do this:
    for(int i=0; i<100; i++) 
    4) Huh?

    double pow( double base, double exp );
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