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    Question bmp deocder, RLE4 Compression???

    Hi all...
    I try, for some days now to write a bmp decoder without using any windows functions,
    headers, or winAPI. For image preview i use openGL .I have managed to decode 4dit,1dit, 24bit and 8bit uncopressed images, but I am now stack to RLE4 Compessed bmps.

    I found some info for all these, but there aren't enought. I could use any help... docs, pdfs,sites or code (in c, c++, java).

    I attach my code here, but it is to long.
    Any comments or ideas acceptable. Also you will helped a lot if you can send me any
    info at (Note: it's my first piece of code that might be usefull to some one (I think)).
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