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    What compiler is the best to use or is the most recommended?

    Thanks for any answers!
    Be inspired.

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    one that compiles.
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    >one that compiles
    ...standard C++.
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    depends on your project I suppose. g++/gcc is great. It is my compiler of choice. However I can certainly recognize the benefit to using Visual C++ for Windows applications. I was on a strict VC++ diet for 2 years of blissful employment.

    If you're just getting started and won't be writing windows code, I certainly recommend gcc.
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    Probably the most standard compliant :- Comeau 2003 (MSVC 7.1) is pretty good.

    For free theres g++ or Dev-c
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    not to be a pain cause I know Stoned_Coder knows this, but Dev-C is an IDE that uses g++. It's not a separate compiler.
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    Some good-popular compilers

    Assuming you're on a Windows system...

    Visual C++.NET ($100 and up)

    Visual C++ Beta (free)

    Dev-C++ Bloodshed (free). It uses the GCC (or GCC related compiler).

    Borland comand-line Compiler (free)

    I recommend that beginners get a popular compiler, so that they can get help from others using the same compiler. If you are taking a programming class, then you should get the same compiler that the instructor uses or recommends.

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    GCC/G++. as it's been mentioned before, Dev-C++ uses GCC as it's compiler. actually it uses a MingW port of GCC, because GCC natively belongs on linux. (I think that's what DougDbug may have been trying to get at)
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