Thread: File stream function problem

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    File stream function problem

    Hi newbie here having a problem at R/T with the following function. It is giving me a application error when the program is run, but compiles just fine.

    Function call:
    student::readfile(filename, ctr, ARRAY);

    void student::readfile(string file, int &ctr, student* arr[])
    	ifstream in(file.c_str(), ios::binary);
    		throw studentX("No file");
    	for(int i=0; i<ctr; i++)
    	{*)arr[i], sizeof(student));
    Thanks in advance for any ad all help.

    :-) James

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    Try using this call instead

    student::readfile(filename, &ctr, ARRAY);

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    Thanks, i tried that but got an error while compiling. But i don't think i would want to use reference in this case. I am reading info in from the file and then contiuning to add to an array.


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    then just make the declaration a straight int as well.
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