Thread: c++ condition use? how u use it? help

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    c++ condition use? how u use it? help

    how do u use the conditions, like if u want a program to locate a file, it will say file found and if not there, it will say not found?


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    It depends on the function.

    For example:

    bool Init();

    if (!Init)

    The exclamation means if init returns zero: then do something.

    Heres some more:

    && e.g: if (init && unit)
    which means if init and unit are true:

    || e.g: if (init || unit)
    which means if either init or unit is true:
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    You have to CALL the function, jimboob.

    There are four statements that have a condition, if, while, do...while and for

    do ... while(condition)
    for( ; condition ; )

    The condition is just any kind of expression that can be converted to the bool type, which is a single boolean value (true/false logic). This means it may be directly a bool (bool variable, bool function return value, result of the comparison and logical operators <, >, <=, >=, ==, !=, &&, ||, !) or something convertible. All numbers (floats and integers alike) can be converted to bool using a simple rule: non-zero is true, zero is false. Pointers can be converted to bool, too. Non-null is true, null is false. You can define boolean conversions for your classes yourself.

    The comparison operators work just like you'd expect them to. > is greater-than, < is less-than. >= is greater-than-or-equal-to, <= less-than-or-equal-to. == is equal-to and != is not-equal-to.

    The logical operators are simple, too. && is logical AND, both sides must be true in order for the whole to be true. || is logical OR, both sides must be false in order for the whole to be false. ! is logical NOT, it flips the operand.
    && and || are lazy. They evaluate the right-hand-side only if it is required to determine the result. In (a && b), if a is false, then b is never evaluated. Similarly, in (a || b), if a is true, then b is never evaluated.
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    can u guys give an example plz, how how to copy a file?

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    I doubt you will find someone willing to write up some code in this manner. You will more than likely find a similar example in some of the C/ C++ tutorials on the web. There's a nice set of tutorials right here at (link on the main page), and you'll surely be able to find hundreds more at Google. Right now however, the tutorials on this site should be sufficient for your needs - give them a try.


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    Nevertheless, here's a link to this site's tutorial page.
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