hey everyone, I wrote a code about a die game that is working very well, but I decided to use the class to learn more about it... so I just used what I wrote before but using the class...unfortunately even if everything complies correctly I don't get the right result anymore...

this is a part of my code...

void game::start()
    cout<<"choose your option: \n";
    cout<<"1. play\n";
    cout<<"2. exit\n";
    while (f==1)
    for(x=1; x<=player; x++){  
    int a,b;
    a = rand()%(HIGH-LOW+1)+LOW;
    b = rand()%(HIGH-LOW+1)+LOW;
    cout<<"x is: "<<x<<"\n";
    result[x-1][0]= x;
    cout<<"player number:"<<result[x-1][0]<<"\n";	//here I got the right results for all the players
    result[x-1][1]= a+b;
    cout<<"player result:"<< result[x-1][1]<<"\n";

for(x=1; x<=player; x++){					//here I just get the last player result and all the previous players become the last player???
    cout<<"player "<<result[x-1][0]<< " total [" <<result[x-1][1]<< "] point ["<<result[x-1][2]<<"]\n";
so as you see in the first for loop I get the different results for each players... but when I asked for the same results (second loop) I only get the last player result for all the players...

for example in hte first loop I will have result[0][0]=1 and result[0][1]=7 and result[1][0]=2 and result[1][1]=9
but in the second loop I will have result[0][0]=2 and result[0][1]=9 result[1][0]=2 and result[1][1]=9 why is that???????
do I need to allocate the 2d array dynamically?

tahnks for your help