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    GTK programming help

    I am trying to do a project for a GTK programming class and I have a question .

    I created the checkbox already in the code so I have a function that is only supposed to check if a check box is checked or not. The commands are nested in a void function and is read as follows:

    If(gtk_check_button_set_active(gtk_check_button_ne w_with_label(check1), TRUE))
    { something}

    Also, how can I check and uncheck a checkbox within my code?

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    You mean something like this? Google is your friend.

    Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

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    Thanks for the link. I searched google and was not able to find a straight forward site like this.

    I now have more or less the same problem but with Radio butttons.

    I created my buttons seperately and grouped each set within a box. I am now unable to use commands such as gtk.toggle_button.get_active or .get_active in general.

    I tried using gtk_toggle_button_get_active also but this did not work.

    What command should I use for this. I did search Google extensively but has no luck.

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