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    Borland C++

    Well, i downloaded the Borland Command Line compiler (the free compiler from Borland) and i created the config. files, but it still can't read them properly. If anyone is familiar with Borland compilers please send me an email.

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    Installing and using the Borland compiler is easier than you think

    Here are some simple easy to follow instructions

    Also.. I have attached a screenshot of what a successful compile will look like using the Borland command line compiler

    Essentially.. from a DOS console, go into the folder that has your .cpp source code.. then, use a 'set path' to allow Borland to see your directory... then use the bcc32 command followed by your .cpp file.. and voila! compilation goodness.

    For most people, after you 'set path' the first time... you might never have to do it again (for that specified directory)

    If you use the bcc32 command... and get a 'command is not recognized' error.. . it may be due to an incorrect 'set path' statement... make sure your path points to the borland bin folder

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    You should change your autoexec.bat or path variables accordingly. I remember setting up borland at one point and reading its instructions that made the process sound much more complicated than it actually was (i actually just put the manual down and did things how logic would dictate). Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Beta is available for free on their site. You may want to check that out since its definitely a step above borland.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Brain
    Here are some simple easy to follow instructions
    Or there's the faq .
    CProgramming FAQ
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