Thread: Assembler in c++

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    Assembler in c++

    Hi there.

    I just wanted to know how can I use Assembler in c++.
    With this I mean: which headers do I need to include in my program; how do I call a DOS Interrupt and how do I write to a specific location in memory.


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    Which OS and compiler do you have
    Everything you've said is heavily dependent on those
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    I have Windows Millenium and I use MS Visual C++ and Dev-C++.

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    You can't use DOS interrupts or access a specific memory location, by passing the paging, in windows.

    The last time I did assembly in C++ we took C++ classes with functions not filled in, compiled them, and then filled in the mangled function calls with assembly code. The first argument passed into a nonvirtual method function will be a pointer to the class.

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    C and C++ can use assember in blocks such as this:
    asm {
    or with __asm. However, not all compilers can do this, so check your documentation. Visual C++ Version 6 I believe can compile assembler. Don't know about previous versions; I only have Visual C++.NET.
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