Thread: Adding GNU scientific library to Dev C++

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    Adding GNU scientific library to Dev C++

    Apologies in advance, I'm a political scientist learning to program simulations and am not all that "techie."

    I want to install (is that even the right word?) the GNU scientific library to my Dev-C++ compiler so I can haveuse random number generators for many different distributions in my simulations.

    Please help. For whatever reason, I just can't figure out how to do this. I seem to be fine with coding, just not getting this set up. GO figure.

    Thanks for your kind help!

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    Try finding message boards, mailing lists, FAQs in these locations

    1) The site where you got the library. They'll know the intricacies of porting the library to various compilers, and may even already have some notes for Dev-C++ users.

    2) The site where Dev-C++ is maintained. Dev-C++ has many pre-packaged libraries which are easy to install. Perhaps there is one for the package you seek. Maybe someone there has already ported the library, or at least can offer advice.
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