Thread: Inputting a string and a char

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    Inputting a string and a char

    How do I input a string to compare it to a character?
    Like I want to input '}' and input  '*/' and compare them.

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    char input[SIZE];
    fgets(input, SIZE, filePointer);
    // now input contains a string given by the user

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    You input a string consisting of a single word (no whitespace) like this

    std::string str;

    std::cin >> str;

    If you want a whole line (everything typed before return, including whitespace)

    std::getline(std::cin, str);

    If you want to see if the first character matches 'a' then you can test (str[0] == 'a')

    If you want to see if the string contains 'a' anywhere (mathing "contains" but not "string") then if (str.find('a') == std::string::npos) is true, 'a' was not found (find is equal to the position of the first 'a' found, npos is string's opinion of infinity)

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