Thread: Problem with operator+

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    Problem with operator+

    I'm writing a class to manage memory for me (mostly for the experience though). Borland 5.5.1 for Windows is giving me a weird error. Here is the class:
    namespace MemoryManager {
    	enum Option { printall = 1 }; // just one for now
    	typedef map< void*, Object > pvomap;
    class Mgr {
    	Mgr( Option opt = 0 );
    	template< class T > T* alloc( int = 1 );
    	template< class T > void dealloc( T* );
    	int allocated( const void* ptr ) const;
    	template< class T > long bytes_allocated ( const T* ) const;
    	long total_allocated() const;
    	long total_bytes_allocated() const;
    	Option itsOptions;
    	pvomap allPtrs;
    } // end namespace MemoryManager
    In the definition file, this function is giving me the following error:
    Error E2094: 'operator+' not implemented in type 'pvomap' for arguments of type 'const void *'.

    	int Mgr::allocated( const void* ptr ) const {
    		Object foo = allPtrs[ ptr ]; // error on this line
    		int bar = foo.created();
    		return bar;
    (This is the result of breaking down the steps. Originally the function was defined with one line: "return allPtrs[ptr].created();" but I broke it down to help me find the problem. I'm still stuck - I have no idea where the operator+ has anything to do with this...any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    I believe that the [ ] operator works so it takes the base pointer (allPtrs) then adds the relative adress (ptr) to get the effective adress. And thus, const void* doesn't have a + operator defined.
    Why doing that? Indexes must be integers.

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    allPtrs is not an array, but rather a std::map with first type "void *". It's subscript operator should be overloaded to take that type and return the associated Object (in this case). What puzzles me is this error ocurring here, but other functions using a similar construct do not report an error.

    I also forgot to mention that the end of that function reports the following warning:
    W8057: Parameter 'ptr' is never used in function Mgr::allocated(const void* const).

    This is also strange, since ptr is clearing being used...I'm guessing there's an obvious syntax error that I'm just missing.

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    const void *

    do you know what that is?

    do you mean

    void * const
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    The difference refers to whether it is the address that is constant or the value there, correct? It probably makes more sense to have void * const, but that doesn't change the issue. A search on comp.lang.c++ ( revealed that you can't use operator[] on a const map (which is a map that is part of a const object). So I used find instead (at the recommendation there), but that said it could find no match. So I've kept the const-ness of the pointer out completely in order for it to compile...

    edit: I changed const void* to void* and now to void * const, and it seems to be working. Thanks for the tip.

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