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    Quick Question About C++

    I am learning both c++ and visual basic at the same time...
    I am taking courses in both

    I am currently unemployed I'd like to know
    which one is more marketable....

    I like c++ more than vb....

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    I hate to say this but in GB Visual basic programmers are more in demand than c/c++ programmers. Theres not too much in it though. C++ is harder to learn but is the more powerful tool. Visual basic is also windows only and c++ can be used on any operating system that has a c++ compiler written for it.
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    I also hate to admit I see alot more VB jobs open than C++, in fact I see more JAVA J2EE jobs than C++. .NET jobs are also coming out now - C++ jobs seem to be boring such as maintaining legacy backend systems or you have to be a Sr. Engineer with 15 years exp. The only exciting C++ jobs are in the Gaming Industry.

    I'm in the USA.

    This is disapointing, but C++ is the best in my opinion and you will be able to go the furthest with it - it's just breaking into the industry that's a B***H so I guess start getting into .NET and pickup VB just enough but keep your C++ skills handy.

    The easiest route to break into the industry is to pickup a scripting lang. like PERL and PHP (VB is for ASP). You'll get into making and maintaining Websites but you should be able to move up using your C++/VC++ skills.
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    I understand...I have been reading alot about making games....I have made a simple tic tac toe game...

    Is it possible for a single person to create a semi good game with c++ like a supermario bros, or possible a zelda equivalent

    I know it takes many programmers to make a playstation type game...

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    It is very much possible.... But we are talking about many lines of code...

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