Thread: Please help with compile for gcc

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    Please help with compile for gcc

    Hi, the following program runs fine with Borland. It is a twelve hour clock. What it does is requests hours, mins, secs and then waits for user input. When user hits a key the program stops running and adds the elapsed time to the user input time and outputs it.

    There are two issues when i compile using gcc.
    (1) getch() is not avilable in GCC, but i need a simple substituition that will permit a pause for user input(press any key ....)

    (2) The time.h file, i am not sure if its is right. I cannot even get to the output it just skips past when user input is required.

    Please can you possibly help me, I need this to work for me to go ahead with the world clock!

    PS: Excuse the code; I am just learning, any help would be appreciated.

    //program: 12 hour time clock for c++
    class myClock{
          int hh, mm, ss;
          int start, timerSecs;    //for the timer
          myClock();        //constructor
          void get_time(int h, int m, int s);
          void startTimer();
          void endTimer();
          void add_time();
          void show_time();
    myClock :: myClock()
       hh = mm = ss = 0;
    void myClock :: get_time(int h, int m, int s)
       hh = h;
       mm = m;
       ss = s;
    void myClock :: startTimer()
       start = clock();             //get the initial clock position
    void myClock :: endTimer()
       clock_t end;                  //to get the final clock position
       end = clock();
       timerSecs = (end - start)/CLK_TCK;    // to get value in secs
    void myClock :: add_time()
       ss += timerSecs;
       if ( ss > 59 ) {
          mm ++;
          ss %= 60;
       if ( mm > 59 ){
          hh ++;
          mm %= 60;
       if ( hh > 12 ){
          hh %= 12;
    void myClock :: show_time()
       cout << "The time is: " << hh << ":" << mm << ":" << ss;
    int main()
       int hours, mins, secs;
       myClock c;
       cout << "Enter the hours: ";
       cin >> hours;
       cout << "Enter the minutes: ";
       cin >> mins;
       cout << "Enter the seconds: ";
       cin >> secs;
       c.get_time(hours, mins, secs);
       cout << "c is now ticking ..." << "\n";
       cout << "Press any key to stop c ";
       return 0;

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    you can always use cin.get() or cin >> using a dummy variable. It may require pressing two keys, one of which is the enter key, but it should always be available.

    try #include <ctime> instead of #include <time.h>

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    Thanks a lot, it clears it up.


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