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    Originally posted by Okiesmokie
    uhh that is not a library file, that is a header file.

    In visual C++ in the new project menu, you choose Static Linked Library and write your code, hit the build button and voila you have a library.
    Why don't you re-read my post. I never once stated that it was a library file. I was just showing a simple header.
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    Name the file menuscreen_.h instead of .cpp
    name the function something else than main, like void menuscreen()
    include menuscreen_.h in excalibur.cpp and call menuscreen(), don't call the file, call the function.

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    no it was supposed to be a cpp file, i meant like attaching files, not header(include files).
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    Sams Teachyourself C++ In 21 Days is a good book to read. Maybe you'll get something from there. Besides, it's free on the net
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