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    i am having a spot of trouble making this program, and i would like as much as possible, i have consulted many, including my teacher and all of my fellow students. THe job is to make a program to have the computer play a game of Mastermind against a human opponent. The
    computer will select 4 coloured pegs at random from 6 possible choices (red, green, yellow, blue,
    orange, purple). A colour may be chosen more than once. You will then try and guess what pegs the
    computer has chosen by selecting a guess of 4 pegs. Each time you make a guess the computer will
    score the guess by showing white and black pegs. A white peg means you have the right colour in the
    right position. A black peg means you have the right colour at the wrong position. You have 10
    chances to guess the pegs the computer has chosen.
    i ahev already done this much:

    // game1.cpp : Defines the entry point for the console application.

    #include "stdafx.h"
    #include <iostream.h>
    #include <iomanip.h>
    #include <string.h>
    void main()
    char lmargin[5]=" ";
    char guess[10] [5];
    char score[10] [5];
    int j,k;

    // initialize guess and score arrays with some values
    // values should be blank spaces in actual game

    void getGuess(char g[5])
    char x;
    int n,count=0;
    cout << '/'<<g<<'/'<<endl;
    switch (x)
    case 'r':
    case 'y':
    case 'b':
    case 'o':
    case 'g':
    case 'p': count=count+1;
    while (count < 4);
    if (count==8)
    cout <<"\nInvalid characters were entered."<<endl;
    cout << "Press any key to continue"<<endl;
    strcpy(g," ");

    for (j=0; j<=9; j++)

    // top line
    cout <<lmargin<<char(-38);
    for (j=1; j<7; j++) cout <<char(-60);
    cout <<char(-62);
    for (j=1; j<7; j++) cout <<char(-60);
    cout <<char(-65)<<endl;

    // title
    cout <<lmargin<<char(-77)<<" Guess"<<char(-77)<<" Score"<<char(-77)<<endl;

    // line under title
    cout <<lmargin<<char(-61);
    for (j=1; j<7; j++) cout <<char(-60);
    cout <<char(-59);
    for (j=1; j<7; j++) cout <<char(-60);

    // body
    for (k=0;k<=9;k++)
    cout <<setw(4)<<k+1<<char(-77)<<' '<<guess[k]<<' '<<char(-77)<<' '<<score[k]<<' '

    // bottom line

    for(j=1;j<14;j++) cout<<char(-60);


    i have no idea how to make the get guess function work nevermind the rest of the program. I would appreciate all help possible.
    Thank you.

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    I looked through the code briefly. My guess is that you should try not to use so much void, make that get_guess function return the guessed value or something.

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    are you using lawrenceville press by chance?

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