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    Question Slow character output...

    Im trying to make the title of my program output one character at a time, kind of like a "Loading..." bar going across the screen but with characters. I'm just wanted to know some different methods to do this.

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    if what you want is to delay the display time between each char then use
    the delay funtion or else then sleep/Sleep function depending on your compiler

    do a search and you'll find lots of help on them

    but if you are asking for diff ways to show a loading screen, then the kind i like is usually the bars that increase + the percent the app has loaded.

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    this works...

    string copy the big long thing you want to type out letter at a time
    into a char then loop it with a sleep

    while(x != 100)
    cout << char[x];

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    sorry about weird strcpy part of the code
    can't remember syntax and too lazy to look up

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    Just edit it....

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