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    winsock programming

    want to get as deep into socket programming as I can in c++, how do I get started?

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    How deep? Deep enough to get it to work?
    Or deep enough to know all about bits and pieces? Start out by learning about protocols like TCP/IP and UDP, and how computers communicate (how it works on the hardware level). Then find some resources about socket programming. Try I find a loot of good pages when searching for '+socket +programming'. And buy a good book. is good resource about netwoork programming. Target platform is mainly linux/unix based system though.

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    I know a **** load about sockets and the widely used protocols (I read a bunch of books) But I want to get really really as low level into sockets as humanly possible as I can in c++. I mean up to my ass in sockets

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    actually what would be great is if I could find a site or a book that went step by step and showed you all about low level socket programming in c++. examples are great too

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