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    Code interpretation

    Hello I am new to this forum and need some help. Can anyone interpret this code or any part of? Its a simple fuzzy logic program from the Fuzzytech Professional Edition.

    #define PRECOMPILER
    #define FTLIBC16
    #include "ftlibc.h"
    #define FUZZYDEFINED
    #define FLAGSDEFINED
    #include "FUZZYC.h"
    static FUZZY crispio[1+1];
    static FUZZY fuzvals[2+2+0];
    static double dcvs[1+1];
    double * const pcvfuzzypic = dcvs;
    static const FUZZY tpts[8] = {
      0x0000, 0x0000, 0x4000, 0xDFFF, 
      0x2000, 0xBFFF, 0xFFFF, 0xFFFF};
    static const FUZZY xcom[2] = {
      0x0000, 0xFFFF};
    static const BYTE rt0[6] = {
      0x00, 0x01, 0x02, 
      0x00, 0x01, 0x03};
    static const FRAT frat0[4] = {
      0x0003, 0x0000, 0x0003, 0x0001};
    static const FUZZY BVRCode[4] = {
      0x0000, 0xFFFF, 
      0x0000, 0xFFFF};
    static const double BVRShell[6] = {
      0, 1, 2e-005, 
      0, 1, 2e-005};
    FLAGS fuzzypic(void) {
      crispio[0] = BVScaleShell2Code(&BVRCode[0*2], &BVRShell[0*3], dcvs[0], BVRCode[0*2+1]<MAXBVRANGE, MAXBVRANGE);
      fuzptr = (PFUZZY) fuzvals;
      tpptr  = (PFUZZY) tpts;
      crisp = crispio[0];
      bTNum = 2;
      fuzptr = (PFUZZY) fuzvals;
      bTNum   = 2;
      fratptr = (PFRAT)  frat0;
      rtptr   = (PFTBYTE) rt0;
      iMMin(); /* Max-Min */
      invalidflags = 0;
      fuzptr       = &fuzvals[2];
      xcomptr      = (PFUZZY) xcom;
      crispio[1] = 0x8000;
      bTNum  = 2;
      defuzz = &crispio[1];
      ž·—<mI q();
      dcvs[1] = BVScaleCode2Shell(&BVRCode[1*2], &BVRShell[1*3], crispio[1]);
      return invalidflags;
    void initfuzzypic(void) {
      for (fuzptr = &fuzvals[2];
           fuzptr <= &fuzvals[3];
           *fuzptr++ = 0);

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    It seems unlikely. After all, all that stuff isn't C -- the preprocessor may turn it into C (well, it would have to I guess), but it isn't C now but their own langauge, which I don't know. The rules would be given in the .h files, although not in English.

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    It seems unlikely.
    I second that.

    Oh and hey, I don't know if you got one with the program, but there's a manual here:


    I suppose if you have any questions you'll have to answer them with that.
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    thanks guys. will go tru the manual. will post again if i come up wid any C trouble.

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