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    Basic use of exec functions

    First post, i've been spending the last couple of hours with no luck trying to find a simple explanation of the exec commands. I've looked at the man pages among many other sources and they aren't really helping me. Currently my lab is rather simple i just have a main process that forks off and creates a bunch of other processes, and waits for certain ones to complete etc.

    My problem is I just don't understand the syntax of the exec command, (or much of c++) at all. Currently my user directory is, "/home/1/trowbrid/660Lab2", One file I'm trying to execute is entitled "BB". Can anyone help me understand what the execution of this would look like. I don't need help with forking or anything like that, for some reason i'm stuck on what should be the easiest part of the lab. Thanks, and sorry for the newbie question

    friend walked in right after i put this up of course, one syntax for me was execlp("BB",NULL); since i was already in my directory. Thanks anyway you can delete this post.
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