Thread: Closing a programme with cin.get

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    Closing a programme with cin.get

    Hi I am a beginner and just wrote a very small programme to calculate the circumference and area of a rectangle. The problem is when I compile the programme it just closes automatically in the end and I don't want it to close till I press enter. Here is the programme. The first time it calculate the circumference but when it reaches calculating the area, it just closes automatically after I enter the value for the width without showing the result. I used cin.get as you can see but it doesn't work.

    using namespace std;
    int main () {
        double l, w, C, A;
        cout <<"Length?";
        cin>> l;
        cout <<"Width?";
        cin >>w;
        C = w*2 + l*2;
        cout <<"The circumference of the rectangle is"<<C<< endl; 
        cout <<"Length?";
        cin>> l;
        cout <<"width?";
        cin>> w;
        A = l*w;
        cout<<"The area of the rectangle is"<< A;

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    operator >> leaves the \n character in the input buffer - you should get read of it before you start waiting on the press enter...

    alternatively - you could just run your program from the command prompt
    or - if you are using VS - using Ctrl+F5 from IDE
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    I strongly recommend just running the program manually from the cmd prompt instead of hitting F5. Having a pause/cin.get()/sleep() at the end of the program is convenient during development, but is a serious problem when the code goes to release.

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