Thread: Passing Multidementional arrays

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    Passing Multidementional arrays

    I have two multidementional I wish to, byref (as all arrays in c++ are passed), pass as a parameter to a function. When I attempt to do this, the compiler throws a bunch of errors. How do you do this properly?

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    void displayArraysContents(char*[][], char*[][], const int size)
    int main ()
         char* testArray1[9][9];
         char* testArray2[9][9];
         for (int i = 0; i < 9; i++)
              for (int i2 = 0; i2 < 9; i2++)
                   testArray1[i][i2] = "XX";
                   testArray2[i][i2] = "YY";
         return 0;
    void displayArraysContents(char* array1[][], char* array2[][], const int size)
            // Code to cout array contents (I have this and it works).

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    Include the size of the outer dimension:
    void displayArraysContents(char* array1[][9], char* array2[][9], const int size)

    We had a recent discussion on why you must do that, but basically it is because the compiler uses a formula to calculate the offset from the start of the array to read/write to/from and it needs to know the size of the outer dimension, since it is one of the variables in the formula.

    Also, you should beware that string literals should be const:
    And even better yet, make an array of std::string instead of char*.
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    All array sizes (except perhaps the first) must be included in the function prototype/parameter list.

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