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    view network directory code

    anyone know how I can read the directory of shared folder that is on a my lan using c++?

    I can use:
    system( "dir C:\\ > temp.txt" );
    to view my computer's directory

    I tried going into 'my network places' for the address of the folder

    then tried
    system( "dir \\CompName\shareddocs > temp.txt" );
    and as I expected it wouldn't be that easy and gives me a file not found error

    so, how exactly would I be able to get those file names?

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    Quick suggestion: If it's supposed to be \\Compname\shareddocs, shouldn't you use
    system("dir \\\\Compname\\shareddocs > temp.txt");

    If that doesn't work, then we'll try thinking.

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    wow thanks that worked, I completely forgot to use escape characters on the sharedfolder's location

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