Thread: Intriguing numbers

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    Intriguing numbers

    Consider in some base B numbers of N1 x N2 digits, N1 "groups" each made by N2 digits.
    (ex.N2=4 we have N1 "octets")
    For all pairs of 2 digits in any 2 positions let say i,j as b_i,b_j in the same group one may define the difference:
    d(i,j) = b_j - b_i
    If we take in any other group a pair in the same positions i,j the difference must not be equal with -d(i,j)

    Can someone write a C code such that:
    - at input reads 2 positive integers N1 & N2 at most 20;
    - outputs the smallest base B for which such number exists & one of these intriguing numbers!


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    Feel free to start another thread after you actually make an attempt

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