Thread: strcat causing segmentation fault?

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    strcat causing segmentation fault?

    I am having a wierd issue. I am doing a simple strcat and getting a segmentation fault. Here is a code snippet.

    	#include <stdio.h>
                    #include <string.h>
    	printf("2 %s  &  %s\n",sname, name);
    	strcat(sname, name);
    This produces:
    2 / & rb123121
    Segmentation fault (core dumped)

    Any ideas why this would happen? I have string.h included.


    Ok, after playing some more, it seems to be occuring with any string functions. I have all the right libraries included don't I?
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    String constants are in read only memory.

    char *s = "hello"; // this is read only (or at least is allowed to be, and is in your case).

    You need a real array of char, or some malloc'ed memory to strcat with

    char s[100] = "hello";
    strcat( s, " world" );
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    That did it. Thanks a lot!

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